Congratulations to Emma Buhr (Holy Hill) and Drew Kessen (Parks) for receiving the 2016 WJR Scholarship. They each received $500.00 toward their education after high school. The scholarship committee had the honor of reading many highly qualified applicants. All the members of the selection committee were very impressed not only with Elizabeth and Brandon, but with all the applicants. It is truly amazing how much our athletes contribute to their communities, schools, teams, and families.

Thank you for participating in WJR. We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Paul Ludwig
WJR President


Applications must be submitted
no later than Thursday, February 14th @ Midnight!

The Committee will award the scholarships at the
WJR Awards Banquet.

Scholarship Committee:

Liesl Ackley, Ausblick
Jane Segardahl, Heiliger Huegel
Will Nourse, Lakers
Dave Kessen, Parks
George Loomans, S.W.A.T.

Send completed application and requested materials by February 14th to: