To provide an enjoyable club experience for the racer and family
while providing the best skiing experience and athletic growth opportunity possible

Wisconsin Junior Racing (WJR) league is a recreational level league that is comprised of 6 teams from Southeastern Wisconsin.   Current team members are: S.W.A.Team Racing, Ausblick Race Team, Heilger Heugel (Holy Hill) Race Team, Parks Ski Club, Mad Alpine  and LAKERS  Race Team.  Races are held eachSaturday for the athletes to compete in.   WJR offers children an excellent opportunity to improve their skiing skills, in addition to experiencing the excitement and team spirit that comes from ski racing competition.  The goal is to develop athletes with a lifelong passion for the sport of skiing, who learn to ski technically sound and race to the best of their ability.

WJR is a completely volunteer organization made up of representatives from each of the local race clubs.  These members meet regularly through out the year to provide you with a safe, efficient, organized racing season.  your input is important.  If you have comments or would like to participate please contact a club's WJR representative.